Frequently Asked Questions

Is Insurance Required?

Insurance is not required, but it is recommended. Per our rental agreement, renters are required to provide proof of insurance, purchase insurance through our partner site, or acknowledge that they are accepting financial responsibility for the contents of their unit.

Can I Rent Online?

Yes! Our system allows you to reserve or rent a unit fully online. You will need to create an online account, and can then rent a unit, sign the rental agreement, and even set up auto-pay.

What Items Can't Be Stored?

Explosives, flammables, perishables, animals, illegal or stolen goods, and hazardous materials CANNOT be stored in any of our units. See our rental agreement for a detailed list. Contact us if you’re not sure about a specific item.

What Payment Options are Accepted?

You can pay online via debit / credit cards, or direct deposit from your bank account (ACH). There is a $4 transaction fee for credit & debit cards. ACH transaction fees are waived. Setting up auto-pay is the best way to eliminate late fees and have peace of mind about your unit. Our payment software will securely process your payment information. 

Do I Need a Lock?

Locks are required on all units. We recommend using disc locks as they are more secure, and are often the required lock type if you have renters insurance.

Do I Have to Rent Long-Term?

We offer flexible month-to-month rentals. Stay as long as you need!

What Security Features are Offered?

Our facility is fully fenced, with 24/7 video surveillance, and gated access.

Do I Have to Pay a Deposit?

We are temporarily waiving the deposit requirement for all new rentals that use our promotion of 50% off the first three months.