Why Use Self Storage

Published on 7/21/2022

Storage units in Deer Park Washington

As the world becomes increasingly more digitized, and ‘do it yourself’ oriented, self storage units are increasingly more popular and practical. And that doesn’t seem to be changing. Self storage units are the best of both worlds; they offer easy access for renters, while protecting your belongings. Let’s break down how self storage works, along with the pros and cons.

How Self Storage Works

Self storage units will be slightly different depending on where you go, but typically these facilities have two forms of security to help keep your belongings safe, and to appropriately allow access. The first form of security is the gate or building that house the storage units themselves. Our new facility opening this fall will have state of the art security cameras to help protect your unit. Each facility will typically have a certain code or lock that prohibits the general public but allows access for the renters and of course the storage company staff members. 

That’s only the first form of security however, as each individual unit is typically required to have some form of security that only the renter has access to. Usually that is a pad lock (or something similar), which allows easy access for the renter, but prohibits other renters, and even the storage company staff, from accessing the individual units. While this isn’t a one size fits all rule, it is very typical for smaller/local self storage units. Like other storage facilities, self storage units typically have cameras or other security systems in place to help keep your units safe and secure.

Pros and Cons of Self Storage

Self storage units are ideal for anyone wanting easy access to their storage unit. But might be slightly less secure than a storage facility that requires entry during certain times, increased locks and key codes, etc. that being said, if you frequently access your storage facility, or are using the storage unit while moving, self storage units are a must have! If you’re looking for more long term storage that you don’t intend to access for extended periods of time a self storage unit isn’t as necessary, but is still a great choice. Self storage units are becoming more accessible and attractive, and are likely to continue becoming more and more ‘user friendly’ so to speak.

Self storage units can also range in size and pricing by quite a bit depending on your location, demand, and what company you rent a unit from. If you’re interested in renting a unit but are unsure how much space you’re looking for, here’s a great resource to help you estimate what size of storage unit you might need, and some basic pricing based on large companies. Deer Park Diamond Storage offers 5 different unit sizes, and has several ADA units as well. Self storage can be somewhat expensive, especially if you’re renting a large storage unit and are renting for a long time. That being said, remember to look at local options if you’re shopping for storage units. Sometimes the smaller companies and facilities can offer comparable security and peace of mind, without the high prices. 

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